Club Newsletter

RFTS Flying Club

August 2017 Newsletter

1.  Monthly Statements: Just a reminder, payments are due by the 15th of the month,( every month) not the 20th or the 30th. Flying is expensive, as I am sure that you have noticed, and one of the reasons is the cost of maintenance. Our maintenance bills are due "net 10" not" next month some time", so the Club depends upon prompt payment of your statements. As you can see, below, we have a lot of maintenance due next month. By the way, don't leave your payment in the office without telling me, because I won't know to look for it.

2.  Maintenance: 43R's 100-hour inspection was completed on the 25th. Unfortunately, the new, expensive pilot's window latch was broken by someone not pushing the latch button when opening the window. It will  not be replaced. Additionally, the left stabilizer and elevator end caps were damaged( and not reported). New parts have been ordered. Hopefully we will not have any repetitions. The co-pilot door exterior latch shows signs of abuse, looks like people are trying to open the door when it's locked from inside - please be careful with the planes. The turn coordinator was repaired- it was a power problem with the connector. - The passenger seat headset connection was also repaired.

OPL received a 50-hour inspection and a 500-hour magneto overhaul. It will be due for another 100-hour(!) early in September.

40Q developed a persistent fuel leak that has required that a new fuel pump be installed on the 31st. It willalso be due for a 100-hour in September.

3. Club Meetings: Saturday September 16  is the next scheduled Plane Wash, Safety Meeting and Kaffee klatch.

4. New Airplane?: There are a number of hurdles to clear before Larry's new Cardinal can be in the Club. It is already listed on the schedule system but is waiting for the State tax people to agree to Larry's business use and sales tax exemption (this seems to be more of an issue than it has been for any of the other planes). Larry also wants to get the number changed, which is more complicated that just putting a new number on it, and oh yes, it needs ADS-B installation after the number change. Bottom line, it will be a while before it gets added to the roster. Stay tuned!

5.Bremerton Runway Closure: The schedule for the pavement maintenance project, which involves closing the runway has been determined. Runway 20/02 will be closed Monday, September 18th beginning at 7am. The earliest the runway will be reopened will be Friday, September 22nd at 9pm. Depending on weather, passing friction tests, equipment and striping the closure could last until Friday, September 29th. 

Let's go flying!

Dennis  August 31, 2017